Fellows Program

Fellows Program

We’re looking for a cohort of Black & Latinx technologists who are excited about shaping the future of tech with innovation and racial equity advocacy.
The 2025 Fellows Application is opening soon to new applicants. You can sign up for our Student Newsletter to keep up-to-date with what’s going on at Code2040.

Update about the 2025 Code2040 Fellows Program

The Fellows Program offers more than a pipeline into the tech industry. It’s a lifelong network of support designed to enhance our collective capacity for transforming the tech industry. Over the course of 10 months between October - August, you’ll gain community with other Black and Latinx people committed to racial equity, ongoing support in securing a paid internship, and training in racial equity advocacy. As a nationwide program, we offer the majority of our programming virtually and support students in connecting with job opportunities around the country

What you can expect from the Fellows Program:

  • You can expect to create lasting connections with a team of racial equity advocates and change makers in a space that centers your experiences, imagination, and visions for the future.
  • Racial Equity Advocacy Work
    • Learn about the current state of the tech industry, what systems need to change, and what your role is as a racial equity advocate.
  • Opportunities for Economic Mobility
    • Receive access to resources and job skills for securing a position in the tech industry. Participation in our Reverse Career Fair creates connections with paid internships and career opportunities.
  • Student Learning Experiences
    • Participate in workshops, panel discussions, and more to gain the tools and resources you need to navigate the tech industry and thrive in your career. Additionally, each year we have our in-person Welcome Weekend in June, which provides even more opportunities for connection and learning!
  • Build Community
    • Meet other Black and Latinx technologists and receive support from mentors and managers, all while redefining the future and face of tech and ensuring other technologists like you have the opportunity to succeed. Each Fellow is matched with a mentor who offers coaching and support in navigating the tech industry, securing an internship, and sharpening your racial equity skills. Our mentors work with a coach on racial equity and mentorship best practices.
  • Intimate Cohort
    • Relationship building is at the heart of our work for racial equity. You’ll get to know each of your peers in a virtual setting where we’ll share opportunities for connection, candid conversation, joy, and laughter.

The Fellows Program is designed for:

  • Currently enrolled students who attend a U.S. college or university
  • Students who identify as Black and/or Latinx
  • Students seeking internships in the summer of 2025 (and NOT full-time employment)
  • Students who plan on returning to school after their summer internship (Fall 2025)
  • Students with experience coding
  • Students who are interested in advocating for racial equity in the tech industry
  • Students who HAVE NOT previously participated in the Fellows Program

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When is the deadline?

This year’s application will be open from May 15 - June 28th.

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