FAQS 2018 Fellows Application

FAQS 2018 Fellows Application

Who qualifies for the Code2040 Fellows Program?

The criteria for the Fellows Program are as follows:

  1. Must self-identify as Black and/or Latinx
  2. Must attend a U.S. college or university
  3. Must be planning on returning to school after their summer internship (Fall 2018)
  4. Must demonstrate leadership potential
  5. Must have experience coding

There is no age limit for the Fellows program as long as you meet the criteria above.

How much prior knowledge one would require for the Code2040 Fellowship? Do we have to know a lot of computer science off the bat? What if we are very passionate about entrepreneurship but not computer science?

We highly recommend that students have some knowledge of coding. Our Fellowship is mainly geared towards students with some knowledge of coding as we require you to take a Technical Screen (General Assembly’s Web Development Level 1 assessment), and provide a Code Sample. You cannot move through our application without passing both of these stages.

What is the General Assembly Web Development Level 1 Assessment?

We’re partnering with our friends over at General Assembly for the Web Development Level 1 assessment. You’ll have 45 minutes to answer 30 questions to show off what you already know about web development. We’ll use your assessment score to help determine if you move forward in the Fellows Application process. Don’t worry, you can request to take the assessment a second time!

Do I have to complete the General Assembly Web Development Level 1 assessment in one sitting or can I logout and come back to it later?

You only have 45 minutes to complete the GA Web Development Level 1 assessment. Make sure you have a quiet space and reliable internet before beginning. There are handy study-guides on the GA website once you get to that stage of the application.

Can I use outside resources in order to complete the Technical Assessment?

This is assessment is open-book, but not open-person. Make sure you’re answering the questions yourself.

I will be graduating in May 2018. I just came across this program and so, am incredibly interested in applying. Would I still be able to apply?

Unfortunately our Fellows Program is only open to students who will be returning to school in Fall 2018. This is due to requirements from the Partner Companies where we place students. If any opportunities arise for graduating seniors, we will be sure to let you know.

I would love to apply, but I noticed it is only for people in schools in the United States. When will you be potentially opening it to schools outside of the United States?

In past years we have had international students who attend US universities in our Fellows program. This requirement is due to issues of obtaining the proper work visas for students with different citizenships.

Are these paid internships, and is housing included for the summer?

All of our Fellows are paid competitive salaries (minimum of $1,000/week) by their company. Housing is not usually included in the program, but it depends on the company where the Fellows work. Code2040 Staff will provide resources and guidance for students to find housing for the summer regardless.

Do I have to move to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Fellowship? Will Code2040 help me find housing?

All of the host companies where Fellows are placed are headquartered in San Francisco, Oakland, the Silicon Valley, or New York City, NY. Code2040 staff will do their best to assist students with housing issues when necessary.

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