FAQs 2025 Fellows Application

FAQs 2025 Fellows Application

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Program Overview

Our program is designed for:
  1. Currently enrolled students who attend a U.S. college or university
  2. Students who identify as Black and/or Latinx
  3. Students seeking internships in the summer of 2025 (and NOT full-time employment)
  4. Students who plan on returning to school after their summer internship (Fall 2025)
  5. Students with experience coding
  6. Students who are interested in advocating for racial equity in the tech industry
  7. Students who HAVE NOT previously participated in the Fellows Program

There is no age limit for the Fellows Program as long as you meet the criteria above.

If that’s you, then we encourage you to apply for our 2025 Fellows Program.

We require students to have some experience coding. Our Fellowship is designed for students who desire to gain experience and make an impact in the tech industry. As part of our application process we have applicants provide a code sample as part of a technical screening assessment. The technical assessment will not be a factor in determining your acceptance to the program. Instead, this will provide you with some practice and help assess your coding skills before you start applying to internships.
Our Fellows Program is designed to offer support and resources to students who will be returning to school in the Fall of 2025. While graduating students would not be eligible for our Fellows Program, we offer other programs that would suit the emerging professional. Check out our website for information on our other programs.

No, you do not have to move to the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in Code2040 programming. However, depending on individual company guidelines, travel advisories and CDC guidelines, you may need to relocate to where your internship is being offered if it is not remote.

Additionally, we are currently planning to have an in-person Welcome Week in early Summer, dates to be finalized and announced early Fall (Code2040 will cover Fellows’ transportation and lodging). However, depending on CDC guidelines and advisories in the coming year, this may be subject to change.

As a Code2040 Fellow, you'll spend your summer in an intensive career accelerator for 9 months beginning in October 2024 through August 2025, with an in-person Welcome Week late Spring/early Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area, all travel and lodging expenses paid (in person event subject to change, depending on CDC advisories).

You’ll participate in a series of learning experiences designed to equip you with the tools and resources you need to advocate for yourself and others. You’ll engage in racial equity advocacy work in a much more intimate cohort. You’ll be equipped with knowledge on what’s happening in the industry, what systems need to change, and what your role is as a racial equity advocate. You’ll build community with other Black and/or Latinx technologists, receive support from mentors and managers, while redefining the future and face of tech and ensuring other technologists like you have the opportunity to succeed in the innovation economy.

We’ll begin reviewing applications after all interviews are complete. Fellows will be notified by email August 2024.

The Code2040 Application

  • May 15th: The application opens.
  • June 28th: The application closes.
  • July 1st: Students will begin scheduling interviews.
  • Late July - Early August: Applicants will participate in a 30-minute interview with a member of the Code2040 community.
  • Late August: Applicants will be notified if they were selected to be a Fellow.
  • September: We'll onboard fellows to the programs portal in preparation for hiring season programming.
  • Early October: Hiring Season Programming begins.
  • Early Summer 2025: Welcome Week, an in-person convergence in the Bay Area followed by a remote / virtual program for the remainder of the summer.
You can access it through the portal the same way you did when you created it.
Qualified is an online testing platform that helps organizations assess engineers. Code2040 has partnered with Qualified to provide students with a valuable assessment process in multiple coding languages.
So, here’s the thing. This assessment was created to help YOU be successful in YOUR internship. This means that: if you are able to complete and pass the code sample, you will feel more prepared and confident for your internship. It is open-book, but not open-person (or open-ai), and we trust that you’ll answer the questions yourself.

In order to really understand the answer to this question, it is important to know the distinction between challenges and assessments in Qualified. One assessment is made up of many challenges.

An assessment can only be submitted once. This is done by hitting the green button that says “SUBMIT MY ASSESSMENT”. Once you submit your assessment you will be unable to edit, make corrections or retake the assessment.

Challenges, on the other hand, are short coding problems and each assessment has a few challenges for you to solve. You can submit solutions to challenges as many times as you like. This is done by hitting the green button that says “SUBMIT SOLUTION”. Each time you do so, test cases will be run to let you know if you have successfully completed the challenge.

There is one required assessment with two coding challenges and one Q&A challenge that you will need to complete in order to move on to the next step. There are also three optional assessments that you can complete if you’d like to continue practicing.
There is no time limit to the code sample! The assessment is there for you as a practice tool and to help you assess your skills.
You can take the assessment in many languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Python, Swift, Objective-C, C-Sharp, C++, C, and more.

Hiring Season Programming

From September 2024 through March 2025, we will be offering workshops on: navigating imposter syndrome, negotiating offers & contracts, technical interview practice, behavioral interview practice, and more. We will connect you with volunteers, mentors, and alumni to support you throughout this process.
Yes, all workshops will be remote. Welcome Weekend will be in person and that will happen early summer around June 2025. We will let you know as soon as we confirm the dates.
We will send an official Calendar of Events specifically for Hiring Season Programming once you are accepted as a Fellow. Summer Season Programming will not be known until the beginning of 2025. We will send out an official Calendar of Event for that as well, as we get closer to Summer Program.

The Fellows Program

Programming will be biweekly, with some programming on Wednesday evenings (4:30-6pm PST and some programming on Saturday mornings 10-11:30am PST). The final dates and times are still being finalized. We will share this info as soon as possible. Fellows will be required to attend Welcome Week -- a new take on our annual kick off event. Dates are to be finalized but it will be in person in the SF Bay Area! All expenses paid! This is subject to change depending on the CDC guidelines concerning the pandemic.
The topics for workshops can vary from year to year but they can range from unpacking the racial wealth gap and economic inequities in the US, reflecting on your relationship to money, storytelling for change, addressing destructive narratives, and tons of community building. Our workshops are rooted in providing a safe space for our black and brown students to grow their critical thinking skills and advance their political education.
Every Fellow is expected to attend all Code2040 workshops, retreats and events. If you are unable to make that commitment, please let us know as soon as possible once you’ve received the dates and timeline.
Did we miss something? Email us! student@code2040.org