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We connect Black and Latinx tech talent with partner companies and fellow technologists committed to becoming racial equity advocates.

Our student programming is focused on supporting emerging tech talent. The Code2040 Fellows Program targets college and graduate level computer science students who are excited by the opportunity to work with the best across the industry. Tech Trek is an all-expenses paid, week-long program that brings together Black and Latinx computer science students from across the United States for deep peer-bonding, visits to Bay Area tech companies, and racial equity advocacy work. Early Career Accelerator Program (ECAP) is designed to provide professional and emotional support through workshops, mentorship, coaching for Black and Latinx folks young in their career.

Through these programs and custom engagements, we work with tech companies from startups to industry leaders to craft unique, impactful partnerships and initiatives that will help them attract, hire, and retain diverse talent.

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Fellows Program

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Over the course of these 10 months between October - August, The Fellows Program provides community with other Black and Latinx people committed to racial equity, ongoing support in securing a paid internship, and training in racial equity advocacy.


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The Early Career Accelerator Program (ECAP) is geared towards Black and Latinx tech professionals in the beginning of their careers. Participants will receive socio-emotional, professional, and management development through in-person workshops, mentorship and coaching, and online engagement. In this program, we’ll build community, make space to commiserate, and most importantly, find tactical solutions to the professional and cultural roadblocks we face in the workplace. Our goal is to ensure that our communities are able to not only survive, but thrive in the workplace.

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